Graduation Requirements

All students must obtain a total of 24 credits before they can graduate from First Academy High School:  Individual subject areas and their respective credit requirements are listed below

4 Credits in English

4 Credits in Math

3 Credits in Social Sciences (World History (1), American History (1), American Government (.5), and Economics (.5)

3 Credits in Natural Sciences

2 Credits in Foreign Language

3.5 Credits in Biblical Studies (if attending FA all four years)

1 Credit in Performing/Fine Arts

0.5 Credit in Life Management

2 Credits in Electives

1 Credit in Physical Education

Enrolled First Academy students must take all of their academic courses required for high school graduation at First Academy-Leesburg unless otherwise approved by the School Board.  You may view the Course Class Approval form under the ‘Guidance’ page of the website.

In addition to the above specified number of credits, students must also volunteer to work 100 hours of community service. A student must complete his or her community service hours in a minimum of four different venues. Students may receive a maximum of 45 hours at any one location.

Students must have a 3.2 weighted grade point average in order to graduate with honors.  Students attaining a 3.8 weighted grade point average or higher will graduate with high honors.