Tuition And Fees 2023-24

Registration Fees

New StudentCurrent Student
Grades K-5$550$550
Grades 6-8$600$600
Grades 9-12$575$575

* A $375 non-refundable application fee is due at the time an application form is submitted for all new students.

* A $200 deposit toward registration fees is required for current students at the time or re-enrollment.


One-Time Payment10 Monthly Payments
(July 1st-April 1st)
Grades K-5$8,110$811
Grades 6-8$8,260$826
Grades 9-12$8,470$847

** Pay tuition in full by July 1st, 2% discount

** First Academy-Leesburg reserves the right to limit the amount of Step-Up for Student & McKay scholarships accepted.

International Students

1st Year RegistrationSenior Fee
9-12 Grade$750$500 *

* This fee will be waived if it is the student’s first year.

International Tuition

International FeeTuition
$750$13,500 *

* Books are purchased separately.

Homeschool Students

Varsity Sport (excluding sports listed below) $150
Varsity Baseball, Softball and Soccer$180
JV Sport$120
MS Sport$100

Homeschoolers applying for athletics or activities participation only: Students are charged an annual enrollment fee and a sport or activity fee.

All homeschool students are able to take the Iowa Skills test (included in their fees) during our testing time. Contact the guidance department if you would like to participate.

Miscellaneous Fees

7th grade Lab Fees$15
AP Testing (per class)$95
AP Bio Lab Fee$100
HS Science Lab (per class)$15
Anatomy/Physiology Lab fee$75
HS Art Lab$30
Graduating Seniors$150
Life Skills$25

* $100 is non-refundable

* Fees are subject to change.

We look forward to another great year in 2023-2024. Applications are available on the school website, If you require further assistance, please call (352)787-7762.